Jewellery repairs & manufacturing services

by Eckart Schillings, Master Jeweller

                                         Jewellery Re-Makes

( Re-melting the Gold of old Rings, using the old Diamonds / Gemstones and turning into a New Piece of Jewellery )


Re-modelling of old Rings / Jewellery is common practice for a manufacturing Goldsmith

People often bring or post to me old Rings that have been in the family for some time but are not being worn because they are either damaged / worn or people don't like the style.

Because the Gold can be re-melted and turned into 'New' Working material and the Diamonds usually are still good  to use, the re-modelling is a great way to re-cycle and have a nice piece of new jewellery you actually like, at the same time still having the special sentimental meaning of something that has been handed down from your family. 

The cost involved is reasonable as you don't have to pay for materials, Gold / Diamonds.

You pay only for for the manufacturing.

You will get a stunning New piece of Jewellery to wear!

Designed exactly the way you like it.


 This exceptional Pendant was made using Jaquie's old Gold:



Here is a Bangle that I made for Sheree in Brisbane, using her old Gold:



Re-modelling of old Rings into a new piece.

I made this Ring for Chris who was going to surprise his wife ...



 In the Workshop:


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